Ongoing Client Agreement

In an effort to make sure our policies and processes are clearly outlined we have put together the information below which includes our billing terms, work request policies, and timelines for completed work. You will find this information along with a client agreement that we ask each client to sign to confirm we are all on the same page. 


Our standard hourly rate has increased from $45 to $50/hour as of May 1st, 2019. We charge an hour minimum ($50) for ANY and ALL work requests that take up our time. We ask that you combine your work requests into single emails and send them all at the same time to avoid wasted time (for both of us) and paying this minimum multiple times per month. Any work that goes beyond 1 hour, will be billed regularly. For any work requests that will take more than an hour we will give you a quote in advance. We will assume if you are contacting us for help, website maintenance, website edits, or any other service that you agree to our one hour minimum and will expect to be billed accordingly. 

If you do not send us enough work to fill an hour we will always use the remaining time to do a quick check on your site security as well as update your plugins, WordPress, & Theme. 

All invoices for complete work will be sent at the end of each month with an itemized list of services rendered. 


Please allow at least 24 business hours to hear back from us before sending us multiple emails or following up. Most work requests will be completed within 48 business hours unless we have given you an alternate timeline.

All work requests should be emailed whenever possible. Please avoid texting or calling us unless absolutely necessary as our email account is our to-do list and we don’t want to lose or miss your request. If you do need to call us to review something please email us to schedule a time for your call so we can be available and ready to work on your project.

We make every effort to be as available to our clients as possible and thank you for your patience when we aren’t as fast as usual at responding.  We love working with each and every one of you and hope to continue a wonderful relationship going forward. If you agree to the terms above please check the box below and sign. If you have any questions about our policies we are more than happy to answer them. Thank you!