Why don't you display website design and development prices on your website?

Our website development pricing varies greatly by project. If you get in touch with us we will be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

How much content do you provide and what am I, as the client, responsible for?

We do not provide any of your text or images for the site though we do help edit and arrange them. You are responsible to provide all content, including text, images, video, links, etc. We take the concept that you provide and come up with a design that presents the information well. We do light image editing and adjustments as needed for the development process and will work with you if you need help with your content. We also offer a lot of great content development and image selection resources if you aren’t sure where to get started.

How long does website development take?

We work fairly quickly. Simple websites can be completed as quickly as a week, while more complicated websites can take anywhere from 1-5 weeks. There are many variables in website development which are out of our control, such as content submission and client email response time. If you work quickly with us, we will always get back to you quickly as well.  When we start a project, we will give you a timeline and do our very best to stick with it.

Are you willing to meet with us throughout the project?

We are happy to meet with you as necessary, but we are also able to work completely remotely. A lot of the development of your website will be handled via email. Email is our preferred way to communicate for many reasons, but we are always available by phone or in person.

Where do you recommend I purchase my domain name and hosting?

There are many host options available to you, but we do have our favorites! In order to secure the domain and get hosting we recommend going with the host we use for all our clients: SiteGround. It’s our favorite host by far with great support and up time.

To sign up, just click here. Their basic package is only $3.95/month. We recommend getting three years up front, and not adding on any of the extras they try to sell you. You also get a free domain name for the lifetime of the account and free email addresses if you want them. Once you set up the account, just save the username and password to send over to us when we are ready to start your project.

Do you offer support services after the project is complete?

Absolutely! We are available for hourly or monthly maintenance as needed.

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Do you use templates or design completely from scratch?

We use premium WordPress templates that offer free updates and patches to our clients. We use extremely flexible templates which allows us to make very unique, beautiful websites that don’t look “cookie cutter” or “fill in the blanks”. Using templates allows us to keep our prices reasonable, while still offering high quality, responsive websites to our clients.




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