Getting Started Resource Center 

We are so excited to work with you on your site! We want every step of the process to go as smoothly as possible so below we have some resources to get this show on the road. 

As always, if you need help, just email us and we will get right back to you

Watch the video below to get started!

Please Send / Work On

Getting started on your website, Modern Design Media

  1. SAMPLE WEBSITES and what you like about them
  2. Your LOGO and any other design files
  3. DOMAIN   Log in Information (If you don’t have a domain yet Click here!)
  4. HOSTING Log in Information (If you don’t have hosting yet Click here!)
  5. Current Website Log in Information if applicable
  6. COLORS if you have any you would prefer (We are happy to help with color selection if not)
  7. IMAGES  via Dropbox or image ideas if you don’t have your images yet (Need Images? Click Here!)
  8. CONTENT first for the homepage and then for interior pages. No rush, we can do a lot without content so please take your time and make sure your content is free of errors and ready for the site.

Please Don’t Send

Getting started on your website, Modern Design Media

  • Multiple emails with little bits of content at a time. Please try to organize your information and send it all at once as much as possible.
  • Incomplete, unedited, or incorrect content
    We are happy to revise your content within reason but we do request that you carefuly review content before sending it over. Trust me, it will save us all time!
  • Images via Email
    Unless it’s just a few, we request that you upload your images to dropbox and send them all at once


Getting started on your website, Modern Design Media

In order to secure the domain and get hosting, we recommend SiteGround. They offer excellent WordPress support and security features for your site. To sign up, just click here to go right to the sign-up page. We recommend their basic package and that you purchase three years up front. You also get free email addresses if you want them. Once you set up the account please email us the log in details.


The backbone of a great site is great images. We recommend the sites below to find awesome, completely free to use photos.  Some websites are harder to find free images for, in that case, we recommend checking out

Learn How to Use these sites in the Dropbox Video >



Dropbox is a great way to share and organize your files. If you don’t already have a dropbox the video above will teach you how to set one up, upload files from pixabay or unsplash, and send them to us! You can get started by clicking the link below. 


You’ve sent us all the basics from above, now the magic happens! Below you will find the steps we will follow in the website design process. 

No 01.


Send any requested paperwork including contract and 50% deposit along with any other requsted information. The most important information we need to get started is your hosting and domain name log in information. If you have an existing site we can use our dev server and leave your site live. 

No 03.


You will provide images, content, and any other materials you would like on your site so that they can be implimented into the design. The more you provide us with, the more we will be able to do to make your site great. See notes on this above. 

No 05.


We always keep in touch with regular progress reports as we work on your homepage mockup, interior page designs, & final touches.

Your feedback is essential during the design process to make sure we all stay on the same page. 

No 07.


Once your new site goes live we’ll send you an easy to follow tutorial to teach you how to log in and make updates!

Our seamless, front end builder makes it easy for most users to quickly and easily learn how to make edits and add new content to their sites. 

No 09.


We want to hear from you after your project! We hope your new branding will help your business grow, increased your confidence, and make your job easier every day. 

No 02.


Once we have your log in info we will set up the site and begin working on your homepage mockup! This mockup will give you an idea of the design and style of the site but will be rough. we will use placeholder images and content to give you time to work on getting that to us. 

No 04.


A first rough version of your  website is unveiled and any needed revisions and tweaks are made. We generally do 2-3 rounds of revisions to get your website refined and B-E-A-utiful! You can send revisions via word doc or google docs in a list format. Please note, we do not accept revisions via phone calls. All revisions must be written down in a format that we can copy paste from. 

No 06.


Your final website is delivered! We will set you up with your log in information and you can learn to use your site using our video tutorial resource section. It is important that you either learn to manage and update your site yourself or set up some sort of maitanenece schedule with us to make sure your site remains up to date. 

No 08.


After your project is complete we are always here to help when you need us. We offer hourly support, maitanence packages, & further design or development services to all of our past clients. 

 Tutorials are available in our video library