Modern design media has always used responsive design to build our websites. We know that the future is going to be not just desktop computers but also mobile phones,tablets, and other devices.

Starting on April 21 Google has announced that they will use mobile friendliness to determine your website drinking results. They will be rewarding websites which have been fully optimized using responsive and mobile friendly design techniques. Google will also be indicating next to your website listing whether or not your website is mobile friendly. This increases the chances of searchers clicking on your website if they are on a mobile phone.

These features make it very easy for mobile users to navigate the web and find content that is optimized for them to view. That is why it is important that your content is responsive and ready to be viewed by mobile users.



So we ask, is your  website ready for this change? How does it look on the phone? How does it look on a tablet? If you feel that your website could use an update in this area we would love to work with you! The great thing about responsive design is that it prepares you for a future of devices that we don’t even know about yet. It adapts to changes based on screen size so no matter what screen size or shape comes out next, your website will be ready!