Avoid being hacked, keep your WordPress version up to date and enjoy the newest WordPress features.

For anyone who has ever worked with WordPress in any way you know it is common to see that, “Update available” notification in the top left corner of your dashboard. Sometimes we ask ourselves, is it really that important update? Will it make that big of a difference? Unfortunately the answer is not very clear-cut. Yes, in general it is best to update the website as often as possible, but it is not always necessary to update immediately and you should never update your website without following the proper steps.

Here are a few reasons that you might need to update your WordPress installation:

  1. Security updates (Update ASAP)
  2. Bug fixes
  3. New features are additional functionality

How should you go about doing an update:

If you can avoid it you should NEVER update WordPress without doing a full and complete website back up. Depending on the nature and size of your site and error during an update could be detrimental to your business.

  1. Back up your website: Backing up all of the website files and the Mysql database so that if anything goes wrong you can restore the site to its original form.
  2. Update WordPress:  After updating, thoroughly check your site to be sure that everything is still working correctly and that there are no errors anywhere.
  3. Update Plugins: Update all of your websites plug-ins one at a time and check functionality of the site again.

Note: Some plug-ins may have been modified and should not be updated, this is something that your web developer would know, which is another reason we recommend that you always speak with your web developer before doing any updates yourself.

To summarize

It is important to keep your website up to date, but it is imperative that you know how to update your website correctly or that you have a trained professional do it for you. We know it can be tempting to click that little update button but it is not always the best idea. Following the steps above can make sure that your update process is a safe and seamless as possible.

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