A lot of our clients need to be able to do basic things on their websites. One of the biggest questions we are asked is how to format a photo for the web. Often people will upload photos that are 7000pix by 7000px and not even know that that image is way too big for a website.

We recommend the max image size you upload to your website be under 100KB and under 1200 x 1200 pixels. If you aren’t sure about image sizes watch the video below where we demonstrate the difference between a large and small image and how it can affect load times on your website.

Need to edit your photo’s but don’t have photoshop or any other photo editing tools?? We recommend Pixlr Express. This simple to use, web based program has tons of features which will allow you to crop, resize, and edit your photos before placing them on your website.

CLICK HERE to try it out.