1.0 (Update) In April of 2015 Google announced that they will use mobile friendliness to help determine your website drinking results. Read more about it here.

1. YouTube will be the most highly valued source a video on your website. Google will give YouTube videos high ranking and they will appear in search results over other media types. Videos that are hosted on your own website will not hold as much value.

2.  Google will provide more information on search results pages than ever before. This means that it’s important to have relevant content on your homepage, that is well organized and easy to navigate.

3. Google will also be trying to show a larger variety of results to reach a broader range of potential users. This means that smaller newer websites that used to have trouble showing up in rankings will have more of a chance in the near future. It doesn’t mean that the content is necessarily more relevant but it does mean that there’s more of a likelihood to be shown in results.

4. Your social media will be more important than never. Google will use resources such as Facebook, Google plus, yelp, and Twitter to gather resources and information that will be displayed along with your listing. If you do not have these pages it could hurt your ranking on Google as well as make your listing less noticeable to users.

5.  Great content will still be king. Google always looks for up-to-date content, relevant video, and great imagery on your site. Having only a few lines of text and only a few pages can really hurt your ranking. Come up with unique content to help your website rank better.

6. Your organic search traffic will go down. Mobile phone users now make up more then 40% of an average websites traffic and will only continue to rise in popularity. This will decrease organic traffic to your website. Alternate search experiences like Siri, Google, and now coming soon Cortana, will be an alternate source of traffic to your website for mobile phones.